How to build your brand from scratch – when you don’t have time.

I would like to introduce you to my new beginning, Mello Accessories. A few years ago I was at a point of self-discovery.

Being a mom comes with many sacrifices, but why can’t you have it all? Some positive life changes came naturally, and other challenges have been unexpectedly hard. When you have work, do chores, and take care of others, you learn to push your own needs aside.

Your opinions and feelings can become a whisper in your head to the point that it fades into the back of your to-do list. I knew I was in trouble when I had nothing to contribute to an adult conversation. What do I like? What do I know? Does anyone even care what mothers think? Who am I?

So how did I move ahead?

If you make the investment in yourself, and remain constant over a long period of time, you will reap the benefits.

I finally let go of what I thought my life should be and have accepted the things that I can do right now. You know that feeling when you are tired of whining? Well, I was there. I have my son to thank for this, Autistic kids stay in the present moment and that was exactly what I needed to learn especially as someone suffering from anxiety. Part of my anxiety stems from my creative mind, and I cannot focus on my needs without knowing everyone around me is content. My family is my life. So I needed to find a way. Hiring someone to help wasn’t a financial option so I created my power moments, which I refer to as the “Golden Hour” of productivity when the house was quiet and the kids were asleep.

I tapped into my drive and determination to power forward creating my accessories brand. It has been a slow process but filtering out everything that I needed to do, and only focusing on my job for two hours eased my anxiety. There are many ways to reach the top of a mountain. Moving at a realistic pace and being patient, is key. Mello Accessories began as a girl with a dream, sitting behind a monitor working two hours at a time each night for many years.

My brand is the collection of everything that makes me happy. It’s my story, my design ability, my devotion, my people, my culture, and my vision — it’s just who I am. And now I can finally answer the question of, “Who am I?” It took a long time to get here. I am “Mello”, a woman with a dream and a proud mom who loves my family, and has a burning desire to design fashion accessories.

Your hopes and dreams can take many forms, and often it's a lonely process but it does not have to be. Do you have dreams you want to pursue? Let's have a discussion.


Marisa Condello

For those days when you “can’t even”, some creative styling can change the entire vibe of the look and your mood.

Bracelet Style Name: Liezel (Styled with black beads)


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