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The Capulana baby stroller Rental Fund

Frequently Asked Questions

South African mothers contribute at least half of the labour needed to keep their families and communities together, which means that they need to bring their infants to work. Due to hardship, most walk to work instead of using public transit carrying their newborn babies on their back or hip. Mozambican mothers traditionally carry their infants in a piece of printed cotton material called a Capulana. Closeness and the bond between mom and baby during breastfeeding are very special. Women opt to carry their babies on their backs not just to make their hands available for work activities, but to also comfort the baby and to make them feel loved. With this in mind I thought it would be wonderful to give mothers a much needed back break when they walk to and from work. Imagine being exhausted carrying your infant for many kilometres before you have even reached your daily job! That is true commitment to your family.

When you give a gift that goes towards the fund, you are helping some of the most common needs of the children and families in Melkhoutfontein, a community close to my hometown of Still Bay in South Africa. No less than 80 per cent of funds raised will be used for the purchase of strollers and 20 per cent will be used for administration fees including PayPal donation fees. The commercial transaction fee to the merchant, Mello Accessories, is $0.30 CAD for every donation made by the customer through PayPal.

In collaboration with the local non-profit charity, Dreamcatcher South Africa, we would like to kick off the Capulana Baby Stroller Rental Program in the South African community of Melkhoutfontein. It is our mission to purchase baby strollers for women to rent-free for a period of 18 months or more and pass it on to the next working mother. Currently we have 1 travel-system stroller in rotation and it is our goal to add more strollers to the fleet.

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Your donation is here to help. Individuals have full control over how much they want to donate and how often they want to support the campaign. If you only give once a month, please think of our cause the next time. We believe the world is better when women are empowered and caregivers are supported.

Thank you for your continued support and donation. 

A little bit can go a long way!

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