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Hardware Colour
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Style Name: Maya

Colour:  Wheat Neutral (Brushed Distressed)

Made with Genuine Ostrich Leather

Hardware Style: Turn Lock Clasp (Colour Variants Available. We made it versatile; You make it personal.) 

Finish: Brushed (Velvety Soft) - Leg Scaling Pattern with Natural Characteristics

Size S/M: 1.5 x 7.5/8 inches (Circumference: 8 inches) – Fits wrist up to 7.25 inches comfortably.

Leather is malleable and will soften over time.

⚘ Rich cashmere hues — Jewelry has never delivered so much meaning and wearability before! Caress your skin with the softness of our brushed leather bracelets.

Handmade in South Africa & Finished in Canada

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